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  • Robotics Moves Off-Campus
       Northview began as a local high school with very few students, extracurriculars, and staff, but the stagnant school
  • Infinite Campus Changes
    Northview changes every year, regularly making announcements over email and social media and announcing the latest news
  • Willstock 2019
    Willstock is the Will to Live Foundation’s annual music festival. Students from all over the Johns Creek area come to
  • THC Crackdown
    Over the past five years, a new epidemic has presented itself amongst teenagers,  the most vulnerable group of people,
  • Summer Heatwaves Affect Student Athletes
    Beginning in May, a heat wave swept across the southeastern United States and still continues throughout Georgia. Althou
  • Student Government Candidates 2019
    Class Council Rising sophomores President Tina Dong Kelly Jeong Ivan Rho Vice President Varsha Holsambre Haley Park Secr





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    Food Review: Nam Phuong
    I was raised on Vietnamese food. A former refugee man ran a small hole in the wall restaurant up the street from my hous
  • “It” Movie Review
    The new thriller “IT,” based on the popular Stephen King novel, has been terrifying viewers since its release. In th
  • Ring Review
    The long awaited addition to the Ring Film Series turned out to be a major disappointment not only to avid Rings fans, b
  • Dr. Strange Review
    Dr. Strange is an intriguing movie by Marvel Studios. The film features a former arrogant neurosurgeon, played by Benedi
  • The Cursed Child
    Best-selling author J.K Rowling released the hard copy version of the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on July 31,
  • Atlanta Korean Festival 2015
    Developed in 1998, the Metro Atlanta Arts and Culture Center hosted the annual Korean Festival this year in Norcross. S

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