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  • Opinion: Sports and Social Media
    Nowadays you know that your favorite athlete wakes up at 6:00 AM every morning, what he eats, whom he calls, and more. B
  • Opinion: Paying NCAA Athletes
    Recently, I have heard the debate many times on the topic of whether college athletes should be paid or not. If you pay
  • Opinion: Kneeling
    Ever since Colin Kaepernick took a knee during the National Anthem in the preseason last year, the NFL has been filled w
  • Where the Sidewalk Ends
    Atlanta has a problem. No, I’m not talking about racism. Not sexism. Not terrorism. It’s a problem largely undealt w
  • Opinion: Manchester City
    Manchester City has a good chance to win the Premier League this year. Manchester City is being managed by Pep Guardiola
  • Opinion: NCAA Recruiting
    In terms of what a college can do to recruit an athlete to its program, the NCAA is failing. The system in use is bypass


  • Radhika Godbole
    Madame Radhika Godbole is the accordion playing, culinary loving new French teacher at Northview. Although she seems to
  • Ryan Stadler
    Ryan Stadler, one of the new foreign language teachers at Northview this year, teaches Spanish. Stadler has a unique aca
  • Monica Wilson
    Monica Wilson joined Northview’s foreign language department this year. Her teaching journey began in her late hi
  • Young and Talented: Sarah Peterson
    The Northview Lady Titan volleyball team is home to sophomore Sarah Peterson. Last year, she was the only freshman that
  • The New Face of Northview Softball
    Moving from Scotch Plains, New Jersey to Johns Creek, GA seemed like the right move for senior Kyra Lockhart, especially
  • Boys Basketball: North Forsyth vs. Northview (12/11)
    In a back and forth contest between the Northview Titans (2-6, 1-3 Region 6-AAAAAA) and the North Forsyth Raiders (2-5,


  • Humans of Northview
    “Why are you holding a shovel?” “It’s the bathroom pass.”
  • Image

      “My name is not Buddy!”
  • Image

      “I seldom plan out my outfits. I just pick things quickly based on how I’m feeling. Nor do I dress to


The Northview Messenger is a CSPA Gold Crown recipient student publication out of Northview High School in Johns Creek, GA. Follow The Messenger on Twitter @NHSMessenger.


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    TitanTalk Ep. 6 (2/15/17)
    Episode 6 of TitanTalk features Colton McDaniel, Brent Miller, and Northview girls varsity head coach Chris Yarbrough ta
  • Image
    TitanTalk Ep.5 (2/3/17)
    Episode 5 of TitanTalk features Aubrey Alvilhiera, Adam Ammons, and Davis Forney providing the weekly Northview winter s
  • Image
    TitanTalk Ep. 4 (1/25/17)
    Episode 4 of TitanTalk features an update on Northview winter sports, the controversy surrounding triple-double machine
  • Image
    TitanTalk Ep. 3 (1/19/17)
    Episode 3 of TitanTalk focuses on GHSA basketball, featuring special guest Kyle Sandy of sandysspiel.com, Northview girl
  • Image
    TitanTalk Ep. 2 (12/8/16)
    Episode 2 of TitanTalk features Rameen Forghani, Jun Cho, and Davis Forney recapping Northview winter sports, discussing
  • Image
    TitanTalk (12/1/16)
    The Messenger’s inaugural TitanTalk podcast, recorded on December 1, 2016, features an update on Northview winter


  • Ring Review
    The long awaited addition to the Ring Film Series turned out to be a major disappointment not only to avid Rings fans, b
  • Dr. Strange Review
    Dr. Strange is an intriguing movie by Marvel Studios. The film features a former arrogant neurosurgeon, played by Benedi
  • The Cursed Child
    Best-selling author J.K Rowling released the hard copy version of the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on July 31,
  • Atlanta Korean Festival 2015
    Developed in 1998, the Metro Atlanta Arts and Culture Center hosted the annual Korean Festival this year in Norcross. S
  • Recipe: Crepes
    Ingredients 1 cup of flour 3 eggs 1-2 tablespoons of sugar 1/2-1 teaspoon of salt Milk to desired consistency (until the
  • Recipe: Tilapia Tacos
    Ingredients Two tilapia fillets 1 tsp of garlic 6 tsp of lemon juice 2 tsp of butter 2 tsp of parsley Salt and pepper to

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