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The VSCO Girl’s Plight

November 6, 2019 3:27pm | Noelle Reid

First, it was “E-girls,” then “soft-girls” and now “VSCO girls.” Even though each of these niches differ vastly from each other in aesthetic, they all share one thing. No matter what these girls, do, say, or wear, they are harshly scrutinized by their peers and […]

Earth’s Lungs. The Amazon is Burning.

November 6, 2019 3:26pm | Anna Lowrance

We are poisoning the Earth. We, the most intelligent beings to inhabit an improbable paradise capable of sustaining life. The Earth, a living organism that we do not deserve. The Amazon Rainforest is being burned. It is not burning by mere coincidence, make no mistake. […]

How the SAT Adversity Score proves the SAT is Obselete

November 6, 2019 3:23pm | Daniel Martinez

The popular notion that universities are caring less and less about standardized test scores with each new admissions cycle is questionable, especially when considering the limited opportunities admissions officers have to numerically compare their applicants. It is simpler and, frankly, more convenient to compare integers […]

F/O Should students be able to letter for Arts and Academics?

November 6, 2019 3:21pm | Siddharth Kolichala, Rayyah Shakur

Yes A letterman jacket is given to those who have displayed commendable commitment, persistence, and industry. Generally, these are given exclusively to athletes who play on a varsity team. When it comes to the eligibility of performance, art, and academic groups for these jackets, however, the […]

Homecoming: Divided or United?

November 6, 2019 3:19pm | Staff Ed

As the first signs of autumn begin to turn the summer heat into fallen leaves, high schools prepare themselves to initiate their first big event of the year: the Homecoming dance. Class councils nationwide bring out the art supplies and tools in an effort to […]

Food Review: Beard Papa’s

November 6, 2019 3:17pm | Erin Shin, Jennah Sooknanan

Beard Papa’s has a very calm and aesthetically pleasing environment, making a small and intimate place for friends and family to gather and enjoy. At first glance, the yellow walls can be overwhelming, but they are popular with children. Beard Papa’s opened the Johns Creek […]

Students Disrespect Holocaust Survivor

February 12, 2019 12:55pm | Alex Perry

While many students that attended Holocaust survivor Hershel Greenblat’s talk on Monday afternoon were rightfully attentive, I noticed, out of the corner of my eye, a few outlier students tapping away on their phones. They were minute movements, but inappropriate nonetheless. Immediately I became infuriated. […]

Crosswords and Crossroads

February 11, 2019 12:14pm | Alex Perry

I cannot recall how I happened across this academic past time of solving puzzles. Maybe it was in between readings of “All The President’s Men” by Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein and bites of cold pizza. Or maybe one night I set homework aside and […]

To Separate An Artist From Their Work

January 10, 2019 8:45pm | Alex Perry

  This article is a response to the New York Times’ piece, “Must Writers Be Moral? Their Contracts May Require It.”          Here’s another spark to the debate of whether artists’ private lives should be separated from their work or not. The […]

True Altruism Does Not Exist

December 23, 2018 9:35pm | Alex Perry

Last Friday I witnessed Principal Downey getting pied in the face. For what? Two fresh faced altruistic clubs looking to establish themselves as legitimate organizations. The playful, yet unoriginal, attack was a joint incentive posed by Reaching Into Students’ Education and Relay For Life in […]