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Humans of Northview: Cole Dipietro

Wading through a sea of people is no easy task. Finding somebody in a crowd is even more difficult. Whether a child has lost his or her mother in a busy Walmart or someone takes the wrong turn walking through Times Square, finding someone standing out among the masses is a difficult task for most. A tall man with an even taller presence, out steps Cole Jackson Dipietro.

For Dipietro, the future holds many mysteries, but one long-solved mystery is what he plans to do for his future occupation – becoming a veterinarian. He will start out attending Berry College for its pre-vet program before transferring to the University of Georgia, which has one of the best veterinarian curriculums in Georgia. For this career, he will need experience; Dipietro finds this work at the veterinarian on Nesbit Ferry.

“I’ve been working [at the animal hospital] for five, six years. I had to volunteer a bit until I could actually get a job,” Dipietro said.

He spends his Tuesdays and Thursdays stationed at the hospital, gaining valuable experience that will assist him in his dedicated career path. Currently, Dipietro is a kennel tech at the animal hospital, but with enough time and experience accumulated in the future, he hopes to find a job as a vet assistant or vet technician soon. Dipietro’s dedication to the field derives from the passion for animals that he holds dearly.

“I like learning about animals, I like watching surgeries,” Dipietro said. “I’ve had many opportunities to work with animals. I’ve just always loved animals.”

A significant amount of Dipietro’s time, energy, and thought is focused around this career goal, but that is not the only activity he enjoys engaging in. As many teenagers do, much of Dipietro’s free time is spent taking naps and playing video games; however, he also happens to spend his time fixing up delicious meals in the kitchen. 

“I can cook, somewhat. I can bake. I know how to make pasta – ravioli, linguini, tortellini. For special occasions I’ll make ice cream,” Dipietro said.

Dipietro acquired much of his culinary expertise from his grandmother. Being of Italian descent, Dipietro’s family has had years of experience crafting fine cuisine, and that knowledge has been passed down the line. He will bake pastries and prepare meals based on whatever the mood calls for. On the weekends, Dipietro will cook dinners. Be it grilled cheese, over-easy eggs and bacon, or a traditional Italian pasta dish, he is sure to enjoy preparing it.

Veterinary practices and culinary arts are only two of the many unique aspects that define him. Armed with his sheer willpower and force of personality, Dipietro is sure to bring the world a little more delight than it had before.