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Willstock 2019

Willstock is the Will to Live Foundation’s annual music festival. Students from all over the Johns Creek area come to have a good time and relax with their friends. Activities at the festival include football, frisbee, bean bag tosses, or just talking amongst each other. Live music is also played with a total of 15 music acts this year, ranging from instrumental bands to solo artists. Holyn Trautwein, the youngest daughter of the Trautwein family, who founded the Will to Live Foundation, performed on stage with her guitar for the first time at Willstock. This year Willstock raised $52,000 which is the highest they have ever raised. There were over 800 people who attended and over 50 volunteers. The goal of the night was to raise awareness for teen suicide, increase education of mental illness, and deliver hope for teens everywhere. It proved to be a very successful night.