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THC Crackdown

Over the past five years, a new epidemic has presented itself amongst teenagers,  the most vulnerable group of people, targeting and slowly striking them down. Vaping, nicotine, and THC have now taken a strong grip on our community of teenagers, especially at Northview. Principal Brian Downey and the Fulton County Board of Education are taking up arms and fighting this dilemma with a new tool that may stop teens from vaping at school. THC test strips will be given to all resource officers on school grounds to be used in case anyone is caught with substances. The test strips will work by being immersed into a test tube filled with the substance. If the color tests positive for THC, then the perpetrator will be punished accordingly. Due to new information and laws regarding possession of THC on school grounds, students who are caught will face severe penalties as possession of THC is a felony in the state of Georgia.