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Summer Heatwaves Affect Student Athletes

Beginning in May, a heat wave swept across the southeastern United States and still continues throughout Georgia. Although temperatures at this time of year are usually only about 85 Fahrenheit, they have consistently been in the 90s these past few weeks. Sept. 10 temperatures broke records, while Sept. 11 tied. On Sept. 12, afternoon temperatures reached 99 Fahrenheit in Atlanta, making it the first time metro Atlanta temperatures were so high in September since 1941.

Heat waves are dangerous because they can cause heat exhaustion and strokes, especially in athletes who must engage in strenuous outdoor activities for long periods of time. Fulton County recently set up cooling stations for public use and released information on how to prevent combat oppressive heat and humidity.

The heat wave has affected football players, who are wearing less equipment and taking more frequent water breaks during practice, and cross-country runners. Northview’s cross country team has recently had to move inside the school for practice due to the excessive heat.