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Predictions for Football Season

The Northview football team is a group of determined boys who do not let adversity stand in the way of them working hard. Going into this season, they are as excited as ever and plan to work together to improve their skills and have the most successful outcome possible. Though Northview’s team is on the smaller side for the region, the players are sure that the extra work they have decided to put in will be enough to make up for their low numbers. 

“We have to be more conditioned and disciplined than all the teams we play in order to be successful.” senior Sam Babadele said. 

Coach Danny Young who coaches the linebackers, said the goal for this year is to improve on last year’s record of 5-5 and make the playoffs.  Northview defense was good last year and at the beginning of this season, allowing other teams to score 15 points in the first two games included a 60-0 shutout against Lakeside on Aug. 30.  Unfortunately, the team suffered a tough loss on Sept. 6 to North Forsyth with a score 15-14. The coaches and players alike, however, do not plan on letting any setbacks bring them down. 

The team has put in a lot of hard work starting in the morning and waking up early and having practice every weekday. They come together in difficult times, which in turn makes them very close on and off the field and able to work together well. It is easy to see how much they really enjoy being around one another.

“We don’t lean on one specific person or point anybody out because we’re a family and we are better as a team,’’ Young said.

Not only are they players working hard, but the coaches are putting in their fair share of work to help the team. The coaches are committed to guiding Northview’s team in the direction it needs to go. The boys recognize this passion and are very grateful to have these people that are willing to do what it takes in order to come out on top. 

“In all my years of playing, these are the best coaches I have had, and I mean that. They care so much about us that they sacrifice time with their families to be with us.” Said Young

This year there are only a few new starters but many players have switched positions or play multiple positions. The group has been working together in an effort to overcome their disadvantages and have a positive season. The players, coaches, students, and staff are very excited for the new season. Northview thinks the football team can make a deep run into the playoffs. The excitement is spreading through the school, and everyone could not be more ready to see what is in store in the upcoming weeks.