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Optimistic Lady Titans

After coming off of two mediocre seasons, Northview’s volleyball team is fighting back this year with a winning streak. The number of games won has fluctuated in the past few years, but it seems like the team is making a comeback. During the 2017 fall season, the team won a total of five games and the next year, they only won three. This year has particularly been one of the best so far as they have won all six games out of the 11 this season, already improving from the last two seasons. But what has made this year so different? 

“The last two seasons were rough for us but they were more of a learning experience rather than focusing on trying to win”, Mekayla Watson said. “Our team bonding has improved so much this year. We all work so well together and are very comfortable playing with each other.” 

Watson, a senior this year, is a leader for the team and is motivated to push them to victory. This season they have demonstrated teamwork, dedication, and perseverance. Whether this streak continues or not, the Lady Titans will continue to give it their all.