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New Teacher: Ms. Lynne Bombard

After five years teaching outside of Northview, Lynne Bombard is ready to get back into the swing of things. Bombard left Northview in 2014 to help create a math program for students heading into high school. With that, her variety of teaching jobs grew. 

Previously she had taught in Title I schools and had students who had different living situations than those of Northview, such as 74 percent reduced lunch. A certain empathy has to go with that, which is why Bombard tries her best to connect with students. Every day she welcomes and greets them into the class and as they leave she says goodbye. She also incorporates her personal life into her classes. She tells stories about her family and tries to encourage students to open up about their lives. Connecting with students is important for her so that her students get to know her and feel comfortable asking her for help.

“I build that connection and make sure that when necessary, I have those one on one conversations with students to let them know that someone cares about them if they are not doing well in school or if they are doing well in school. ” Bombard said.

In high school, Bombard was an all-around student. She went to a small Catholic school and because of this she was able to be on more sports teams. She was on the soccer and  basketball teams and also ran track. Along with this, she was in the school musical and student council.

“I would describe myself as being the outgoing one, getting involved in those different areas,” Bombard said. “I tried a little bit of everything.”

Another important aspect of Bombard’s life is family. Her husband, Steven Bombard, also works in this school in the math department. She and Mr. Bombard met by bumping into each other in the dining hall at Saint Bonaventure, the college they both graduated from. 

Then Bombard was previously working at Northview, her classroom was along the same hall as her husband, but this year they are separated. Although many people think the couple sees each other often, they only see each other at lunch and during their planning periods.

“People assume we drive together but we don’t. That’s usually a question a lot of people want to know but we don’t drive together due to our schedules and our children,” Bombard said. 

Her son is also a freshman at Northview. Bombard’s son was always enrolled in schools in the Johns Creek area. Bombard also has two twin girls who are enrolled in Wilson Creek. 

Sports are another big thing in her family. They avidly support the Yankees and they always try to make a trip up to New York to watch a game. 

Aside from the people she lives with, the Math department at Northview is basically Bombard’s second family. After coming back to Northview, she feels as though she is coming back to a family. This is because she knew all the math teachers from her previous years at Northview and because of social opportunities with Mr. Bombard coaching basketball.

Upon coming back to Northview, she noticed new things about the school that weren’t here when she previously taught. The stress level that the community is putting on the students has changed along with murals and paintings in the hallways.

“I think the demographics of the student body have changed a little bit and not in a bad way or anything but I notice that,” Bombard said. “I do feel that from the time I was here before and that’s what I appreciate most – not just as a teacher, but as a parent who has a child here.”

High school can be scary, but Bombard gives some important advice to students. Bombard believes students should be open to any possibility from risk-taking to having a willingness to learn, students should talk to new people and discover themselves during high school.

“I mean enjoy being a kid,” Bombard said.“ And don’t have any regrets.”