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Food Review: Beard Papa’s

Beard Papa’s has a very calm and aesthetically pleasing environment, making a small and intimate place for friends and family to gather and enjoy. At first glance, the yellow walls can be overwhelming, but they are popular with children.

Beard Papa’s opened the Johns Creek franchise in the Peachtree Corners Town Center on May 18 this year. The history of Beard Papa’s cream puffs began in the 1980s when a Japanese baker, Yuji Hirota, came up with the idea of the double-layered cream puff. The very first franchise was opened in the small town of Osaka, Japan in 1999. These cream puffs gained so much popularity that Hirota became known as “Beard Papa,” for his long, white, and fluffy beard. 

These cream puffs have a flaky crust on the outside and a creamy custard filling on the inside. Shells are available in original, chocolate, cookies & cream, and green tea flavors with your choice of custard filling. However, their menu is not exclusive to cream puffs. There is also a chocolate fondant cake, with a soft and gooey center. Customers can also try mochi ice cream: ice cream wrapped in a layer of rice dough. It is available in mocha, green tea, mango, and vanilla flavors. 

Compared to other bakeries and pastry shops in Johns Creek, Beard Papa’s may be pricier. The menu might also seem small at first, but the variety of flavors and combinations is what makes it unique. 

After taking your order, the workers behind the counter start to pack the food onto a yellow tray and yellow box with Beard Papa on it. We went soon after they opened, so we were one of the only people in the shop. As we settled down with our cream puffs, custard cream drinks, chocolate fondant cake, and mochi ice creams, the bakery began to get busy. People were filing in and leaving with large boxes of treats. 

Beard Papa’s can be just seen as just another pastry place, but considering the story of Yuji Hirota and the vibrant theme of yellow and white, we were satisfied with our experience. For those of you with a sweet tooth, Beard Papa’s may be just the right place for you.