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Varsity Tennis Buckles To Centennial Knights

In their latest region match, Northview’s varsity tennis team was beat by the Centennial Knights. All three singles lines lost with only one doubles line managing a win, losing the match 4-1.

“Our match today was not our best. We didn’t play our best tennis. This is probably a match we could have won had we had fewer errors,” Coach Donna McCarthy said.

She offered constant encouragement throughout the match towards her players that were not performing as well as she hoped.

As the team was missing a player, line one singles went to freshman Shreya Yalamanchili. Yalamanchili appreciated her teammates support and cheering from the sidelines as she played two hard sets. Coming from her 6-1 loss, she hopes to learn from this match.

“I think I played pretty solid, but I think I can stay on top of baseline and take advantage of the court more, as well as be more consistent,” Yalamanchili said.

Line two singles, played by junior Mishka Maulik, took a loss with 7-5 first set and a retired second set. Maulik was forced to retire the second set due to sustaining and injury to her bicep. Otherwise, her match could have led to a third set for the win.

“I’m not that mad with how I played, I kind of fought through the first set and could have continued if it wasn’t for this arm,” Maulik said. “But overall, it was a what can you do situation,”

Unfortunately, line three singles and line two singles both fell short of a win. Line one singles, however, won both of their sets. Daniela Rincon and Karina Limyadi won with a 7-6 and 6-1 victory.

McCarthy looks forward to the future for this team, hoping for more wins down the road. She emphasizes the importance of not letting loses like this to bring down morale for future matches.

“They should be happy with themselves. Nobody is when they lose, but they should happy with how they played,” McCarthy said, “Hopefully we will have a chance to play them again in the region tournament.”