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Kicking Off Exceptional Children’s Week With Blue Day

Exceptional Children’s Week is an annual celebration of exceptional children and the educators who support them. This week at Northview, the CBI is hosting a bevy of events and activities, including dress up days and daily trivia, in order to highlight students with disabilities at Northview. Monday was Blue Day, and many students turned out wearing denim and blue blouses to support the initiative.

“I’m wearing blue to support autism [awareness], and I’m super sensitive to autism because I have a relative in my family who’s also autistic. So, I’m wearing blue to support them,” freshman Melanie Bonilla said. 

“Autism Awareness; I don’t really know, I think it’s something I should be supporting. It would be nice to see everyone wearing blue, uniting over the cause for awareness of mental disorders,” freshman Leela Sydow said, “It would be cool to see everyone wearing blue, but not everyone is, but I just wore blue to support,”

“I’m wearing blue to support autism because my sister is on the lower spectrum and I’m doing it for her,” freshman Leila Chahboune said,  “People should raise more awareness because a lot of people think it’s something it’s not, ”

The remainder of the week has color theme days scheduled in order to bring awareness to different aspects of exceptional children and the educators that support them.