A Project for Better Journalism chapter

Jean Lee, Inaugural Titan of Northview

       Born to immigrant parents in California, junior Jean Lee moved to Georgia in 2006. She felt like an outsider because of her lack of friends. Lee had many things she wanted to say, but her shy personality held her back, so she turned to art as an outlet for her frustration. Lee enjoys being an artist because it involves a lot of conceptual work and requires thinking about in depth ideas and philosophies, such as social justice, and allows her to communicate her feelings through her pieces. To Lee, art is a form of liberation.

      She has always felt confined to some sort of medium, and art is the one thing that allows her freedom. Lee is focusing on improving her GPA, getting her SAT scores prepared, and finishing up her portfolios in order to go to a private art university. Her dream school is Rhode Island School of Design, an art college in Rhode Island. Lee is very passionate about art, and hopes to pursue an art-related job in the future. She has experimented with most types of art, but prefers traditional visual arts, including drawing and painting. Lee wishes to be a famous painter in the future, but realistically, she wants to be a creative director.