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Feature: Makayla Davis

The Northview girls basketball team has had a strong first half of the 2018-2019 season. One of their featured players is Makayla Davis. She contributes a lot to the team with teamwork, skills, and honesty tas a shooting guard.

“I have been playing basketball for 6 years since 7th grade. I’ve moved schools twice from Shiloh middle to PinckneyVille middle. I started off at Norcross High School then moved to Northview High School and been here ever since” Davis said.

She has moved around a little bit but has gotten lots of skill and learned new techniques from each coach. At Northview she gets more play and looks from coaches.

Jade Buchanan is one of Makayla’s friends on the team. She is going to miss her as a teammate, as Jade has one more year to play. Losing good teammates is always sad but there are always new contributors too.

“I played with her for two years and it’s been a great experience. She always is putting points on the board and [contributing with] great defense. I will miss our friendship, but hope to visit her in college” Buchanan said.

It is her senior season for the basketball team. She will miss it but is also moving on to new beginnings for college.

“My senior season has been going really well! My expectations have been to obviously win region for the 3 time since I’ve been here and to win state” Davis said.

Ashlee Austin is another star player for the team and has a good bond with Makayla too. She is thankful to have her on the team and will miss her as well.

“I’ve played with Makayla since 8th grade. She is an amazing shooter and is always good at helping us get an extra boost when she is on” Austin said.

They all have created close bonds that will never be broken even with distance through college. Their honesty is 100% and sportsmanship is well kept. Supportiveness is a good aspect to have. It creates a lot of confidence for the ones that need it.

“She has a goofy personality that always keeps the team in a good mood. Makayla has become like a sister to me and I can rely on her for almost anything. I’m going to miss playing with her because of how supportive she is” Austin said.

The girls are going to miss Makayla as a friend, leader, and teammate from the Northview basketball team. They appreciate her help, advice, reliability, and just being her friend. The team hopes for better for her future even beyond college.

“I committed to Talladega College which is a NAIA D1 school and the number one HBCU in Alabama. I hope that I can contribute as much as I can and have a great season and 4 years there” Davis said.

Davis has committed in 2018 to Talladega College and is finishing off the rest of the 2018-2019 season. Her coach, family, and friends and are proud of her getting this far. She is ready for a fresh start of people, scenery, and players. It’s always good to miss the team but they will eventually meet up one day again, maybe even play against each other in the WNBA.