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Northview Students Excel At Clemson Declamation

On Oct 27. 2018, several Northview students traveled to Clemson University to compete in the annual Clemson Declamation contest. They were required to memorize two poems in a foreign language and perform them in front of a panel of judges. Multiple students placed within their categories, continuing Northview’s tradition of excellence.


Chinese 1-A

2nd Place: Marrisa Lynn Harrold

3rd Place: Sakhi Shah

Chinese 2-A

1st Place: Joseph Cunningham

2nd Place: Shalini Nagaraj Ballur

2rd Place: Sae-Eun Lee

Chinese 3-A

1st Place: Pamela Esquivel

2nd Place: Jordan Anderson

Chinese 4-A

1st Place: Alex Perry

Chinese 4-b

1st Place: JunHeng Lu

2nd Place: Kristina Lee



2nd Place: Armina Fani


1st Place: Tianyu Dong


3rd Place: Katerina Khudoleyev



2nd Place: Maitraiyee Mohan


3rd Place: Gururaj Deshpande