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Boys Varsity Takes Home Gold

On Saturday morning, the Northview Cross Country team got up bright and early to run at the Wesleyan Invitational. After a hard week at practice, they were ready for the challenge ahead. As a result, the varsity boys team came in first place.

The Titans were led by strong group of upperclassmen. Jameson Drake and Harman Soor are seniors, and they finished fifth and eighth overall respectively. Junior Alex Byman finished second overall in the race, helping to pace the group of Titans on their way to victory. Junior Tyler Cato also made in on to the medal stage, finished tenth overall in the race. The guys brought in just enough points to bring home a win for Northview.

The girls varsity finished the race seventh overall as a team. Susie Browder finished the race in ninth for the varsity.

“It was really fun riding the bus to the meet and getting to hang out with everyone. We got to cheer on the freshman who had their first race and it reminded me of my first year running,” Senior Leigha Whitridge said.

The Titans continue their season next saturday at the Berry Clara Bowl at Berry College.