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Boys Soccer Preview

The Northview Titan boys soccer team is going to start off the year with many new and returning players. They will all put in as much as effort as they can to win games and have a successful season. The boys already have a great amount of motivation and positivity as a team.

Shervin Eskandari, Northview’s junior center midfielder, believes there will be a good start to the season with all the boys. The main focus is to work as a team and communicate on and off the field.

“We got a good group of new and returning players to help guide the freshmen and have an awesome start to the season,” Eskandari said.

Junior striker AJ Patil puts a lot of effort in on the field to create shots. He has a great attitude towards the season and is prepared to win a lot of games and always do his best for the team. He plans to step up for the new players because of the number of seniors that left last year.

“The season is going to start off great. The new players this year definitely give the team more depth,” Patil said.

Junior Ben Bruck plays defense, holding down the back line and shutting down the opposing attack. He has been playing since his freshman year and enjoys it in every way he can.

“Our main focus this year is to make playoffs and beat the main teams in our region like Chattahoochee and Johns Creek in particular,” Patil said.

“We are going to try to focus on playing our game and not get caught up with our nerves getting the best of us,” Bruck said.

Both Bruck and Patil believe they should just focus on their techniques and skills to win their games. Making playoffs is a big deal and boost their confidence as a unit. For that to happen, the Titans need to persevere through thick and thin.

“We will use our losses as motivation,” Eskandari said.

Maintaining motivation is key to getting wins and creating bonds between teammates. The boys will do exactly that, and it will help them with their self-esteem.

“Losses are a great way for us to re-evaluate what we are doing wrong and work at practice to improve those weak spots,” Bruck said.

The Titans will need abundant school spirit and cheers to keep them inspired to continue competing even if they lose a few games or get down. Northview looks forward to a matchup with Forsyth Central on Friday, February 9.