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Gymnastics Recap

Northview Gymnastics Lady Titans had their first meet this past weekend, February 3-4. Amirah Boyd, one of the stars of the team, competes in all of the events and brings a lot of fun and positivity to the team. Each teammate cheers and lifts the others up so they can do their best to get to the state championships.

“I think I did pretty well, but I could have done better. There were a few positives and negatives to the meet, but overall I’m happy with my performance,” Boyd said.

She keeps a positive mindset for herself throughout the meets so that she can do well the whole night. Having this trait really helps shape her character on and off the floor.

“The other girls did really well too! I’m very proud of them because we haven’t had much time to practice, it was our first meet, and we still came in third. It was awesome seeing them have fun and really bringing personality to each event,” Boyd said.

Although the girls did not have a lot of time to practice for their opening meet, they still pulled off a solid performance. The girls really brought their own personality to the team to engage well with each other.

“Since my club meets, I have definitely improved on floor and bars most. They used to be my weakest events, but now bars is one of my best. Vault is good as well because I’ve been working really hard to get bigger vault and I achieved it. It’s nice knowing that.” Boyd said.

Amirah Boyd works outstandingly hard to reach her goals. She does this with her club and high school teams. This is no small task because she has to have two different floor routines and know each skill to use along with each song.

The team will continue to work hard for the rest of the season to win. Having the special techniques and strength for this sport is a real commitment. The girls are not afraid to get chalk on their hands and excel in their sport.