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Girls Basketball Downs Johns Creek

The Northview Lady Titans (17-5, 12-1 Region 7AAAAAA) defeated the Johns Creek Gladiators (14-8, 9-5 Region 7AAAAAA) for the second time this season by a score of 46-27. The two primary scorers, junior power forwards Ashlee Austin and Maya Richards, alongside freshman guard Eden Sample, made a lot of great plays to earn the important win. The team as a whole put up a great performance.

“I could work on facilitating for my teammates and feeding them the ball since I wasn’t going to get any calls. I am proud of Makayla [Davis] because she made a lot of great plays and we did not have Megan [Cistulli] and her great decision-making skills in the game,” Austin said.

Austin knows the game very well. Every game they have seems to bring out new elements of her character. She keeps a great mindset for the game to be able to help out the rest of the team.

“We faced some adversity as a team Friday night. It came to us playing through a lack of foul calls and the Johns Creek players hacking us,” Austin said.

Richards thinks the whole team played well as they kept their attitudes together. They encouraged each other from the first half to the end. This is a tremendous quality for a high school team to share to be successful. Richards does not just focus on her position but also makes sure her teammates know how to communicate throughout the game.

“I think we definitely played well together. We did well in our 2-3 defense but we still need to work on moving the ball on offense,” Richards said. “We will continue to work on our jump shots and longer range shots. Missing Megan in the game was unfortunate but Makayla stepped up.”

Sample puts in maximum effort for the team no matter what. She tries her best for herself and the team. Titan Head Coach Chris Yarbrough saw some great skills and qualities in her from the beginning of her career that she now brings to the varsity squad.

“I think I’m a good teammate because the girls and I have great relationships on and off the court. I always give my maximum effort and work hard so that I’m not only benefiting myself but the team as well,” Sample said.

The team agrees that they all played really well and have just a few minor things to work on. Yarbrough will sure make the girls practice on shooting and passing the ball more. With senior captain guard Megan Cistulli not playing, junior guard Makayla Davis stepped up and made great plays that impressed the crowd and the Titan players.

Sample agrees that they need to work on ball-handling as well as her own skills. She knows she can always go to Yarbrough or her teammates for help. Every athlete is not perfect and always has things to make better.

“I am going to try to improve on communication and avoid small mistakes,” Sample said.

The Lady Titans have only lost a few games this season and continue to show everyone that they are improving each and every year. The girls have some minor things to work on, but that always comes with an competitive team sport. Northview takes on the Cambridge Bears (7-14, 5-8 Region 7AAAAAA) on January 29.