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Lady Titan Basketball Falls to Lambert

The Northview Lady Titans lost against the Lambert Longhorns 37-34 on Monday, January 15. It was a disappointing offensive outing for the Titans, who left dozens of points on the floor in the form of missed free throws and layups. Their main two scorers, junior power forwards Ashlee Austin and Maya Richards, helped the Titans put up a good fight by making shot after shot.

Austin was not satisfied with how she played because she knows she can be better and her efforts did not result in a win for her team. She just has to keep her focus for the full game during every possession.

“I’m not very happy with how I played tonight because I should have gotten more rebounds and finished better to help us win,” Austin said.

Richards agrees with Austin in terms of how the team played.

“I think we played well in stretches, but I think we also made a lot of silly mistakes that in turn led us to lose the game. I wish I had made more free throws and gotten more rebounds,” Richards said.

She feels that they could have done much better as a team as well. Northview knows they had an off night against the Longhorns and can bounce back without a problem.

“Some nights the ball is just not going to go in the hoop. I thought we got good shots but we did not execute. We took a lot of shots but we did not make many,” Titan Head Coach Chris Yarbrough said.

Yarbrough still believes the girls played well in many aspects of the game despite missing nine free throws and 11 layups. They have to avoid similar troubles in the future if they are planning to rise up and defeat tough opponents down the road.

“We continue making sure everyone is on the same page as far as our goals. We also make sure that after we lose we work that much harder in practice,” Richards said.

Austin and Richards have great mindsets that help keep their heads in the game. They encourage the team to forget the past and work to make their technique and skills better than the day before. They continue to work hard through any and all adversity that comes their way.

“In order to grow from this, we have to just put it behind us and focus on the games ahead, as well as use this loss as motivation to work harder,” Austin said.

Yarbrough feels as though the girls will come back stronger than before this loss and really take their game to the next team they play if they can execute comfortably. Sometimes the buckets simply will not drop, and that was the case for Northview Monday evening.

“I thought we played really well defensively. We had a lot of man. They took the shots that we could have blocked. We just couldn’t execute on the offensive side. Lambert’s zone was effective and I give them credit for that, but the Titans will work harder in their next game to get a big win,” Yarbrough said.

The Lady Titans face off against the Cambridge Bears on Wednesday, January 17 and then travel to Chattahoochee on Friday for a region showdown.