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Boys Basketball Win Streak Snapped

The Northview varsity boys tumbled against the Pope Greyhounds on Tuesday night, January 9, with a score of 71-35. Throughout the game, the Titans tried to analyze what the Greyhound plays were and worked to overcome them. With Joe Jones and Jordan Dinkins as leading scorers, they put up a decent fight.

Jones, Northview’s junior point guard, tries to encourage his teammates to communicate more on defense as well as pass the ball more. He makes a one-hundred percent effort in each game no matter how he feels.

“I think we need to work on more ball movement and talk more on defense,” Jones said.

Jordan Dinkins, Northview’s senior small forward, agrees with Joe and also preaches earning each other’s trust. The team has bonded off the court, but need to bring that onto the court so they can have confidence in each other in big moments. Each player needs to be comfortable speaking up and finding options when being pressured in the game.

“We need to move the ball around more and earn each others trust,” Dinkins said.

“I think we improved as a whole, not just physically but mentally. Our team chemistry continues to get stronger every day and at every practice we have,” junior guard David Donaldson said.

Donaldson contributes some great plays to the Titan games. The Northview squad has agreed to not let their opponents back talk get to them and to encourage each other to do their best.

“I think we get better every day and are constantly progressing individually and as a team,” Dinkins said.

The boys have brought their individual skills to the team, got along well with each other, and become more like family.

Donaldson will bring more enthusiasm and encouragement to keep his teammates focused in game. He has created a special bond with each of his teammates and tries to communicate as well as he can.

“I think I can improve on uplifting my teammates more and just bringing more energy to the team. As it pertains to communication, I’m fine with that because everyone on the team is my brother,” Donaldson said.

“Our communication between each other is good usually, but after a loss we can’t blame one another and argue,” Jones said.

Each game the team needs to talk and not just wait for someone to pass the ball. Communication is key, and it needs to become better when the score is lopsided so the boys do not become frustrated.

The Northview Titans will continue to bring their best effort to the court. They do their best no matter who their opponents are. They all have great technique and skills that help the team collaborate on both sides of the ball to get stops and score buckets. The Titans look forward to grab their fifth win in the last six games against the Chattahoochee Cougars (6-9, 3-5 Region 7AAAAAA) on Thursday, January 11.