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Feature: JJ

As a new member of the Northview family, Jordan Dinkins, better known to his close friends as “JJ,” has made a positive impact in the Northview community both on and off the basketball court.

Dinkins played his previous basketball as an important member of the Johns Creek Gladiators before transferring to Northview this season. He has already claimed a starting job as a shooting guard over the six guards that were on the team last year. Clearly, it has not been difficult to transition from Gladiator to Titan.

“It hasn’t really been difficult,” Dinkins said. “I just have to get used to the different coaching staff and their style of play.”

In a disappointing season in his junior year, Dinkins was unable to reach the state playoffs despite putting up career numbers in the campaign. Nevertheless, Dinkins has the same expectations he has had since he was a freshman. That is to make and excel in the state playoffs.

“We definitely want to finish in the top four in the region,” Dinkins said. “And be able to make it to the state playoffs for the first time for Northview in years.”

Not only has adjusting to the new coaching staff been an obstacle for Dinkins, but he also had to adjust to a new school life. He was introduced to new teachers and classmates, working to keep focus on his basketball career as well as his academics. He has excelled at both and his new Northview teammates have welcomed him with open arms.

“So far, [playing with new teammates] has been great,” Dinkins said. “We also hang out a lot outside of school, so I feel like I have a pretty good relationship with my teammates.”

As long as it may take Dinkins to adapt to his new coaches, they immediately saw his great progress and determination to contribute to the team as much as he can. He has become one of the pivotal parts of the team, especially defensively, averaging three and a half rebounds a game. This stat line is tied for third on the team.

“[Dinkins] has been a great addition to the team,” Head Coach Steve Bombard said. “I love the way he is able to blend within the offense and see the bigger picture of what the team is trying to accomplish.”

It is not only the head coach that acknowledges what he is able to do. All of the coaches on the staff have nothing but positive things to say about Dinkins and his contributions to his team.

“[Dinkins] is a great athlete,” Assistant Coach Gary McCoy said. “He is a great guy and I love the way he plays ball.”

Despite what the upcoming season has in store for Dinkins, he has much bigger aspirations on continuing his basketball career beyond high school. His 2017 year has been a very productive campaign. He has compiled over 50 points and 25 rebounds just seven games into the season and also holds a stellar 90 percent free throw percentage.

“I definitely plan on playing basketball in college,” Dinkins said. “Whether it will be through camps or just playing hard enough in the season for somebody to notice me.”

Dinkins has kicked off a spectacular senior season so far, being the third leading scorer on the team and averaging over seven points and two assists a game. There is nothing but bright success ahead for Dinkins in his future.