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Lady Titans Defeat the Bears in Dominating Fashion

Last night, December 5, Northview’s varsity girls basketball team won 60-16 against Cambridge. Throughout the game, the Titans got into a groove with analysis of how the bears play and figuring out how to use that against them. For the leading scorers, Ashlee Austin and Asjah Inniss, the game was a smooth and easy win. Northview realizes that what they do in training every day translates directly to game day.

“The amount of energy we put into practice is the same thing we display on the court,” junior power forward Maya Richards said.

The Titan scoring broke down into 20 points in the first quarter, 19 in both the second and third quarters, and two in the fourth when the victory was locked in.

“We worked hard on defense and being under the rim,” junior power forward Ashlee Austin said.

“We have to keep this same energy for Hooch on Friday,” senior forward Camil Butler said.

Tonight the Titan family witnessed the championship spirit of these girls. They should expect nothing less than victory from the Lady Titans as long as they are putting in maximum effort as they did against the Bears. The key to a good team is working together as a whole, and this is one of the things the Titans do extremely well: they communicate and act as one. They do their best, no matter how good or bad the team matching up with them is. They give their all. On this track, these girls will continue with a winning season and heavily contend for the 7AAAAAA championship.