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Boys Basketball Tumbles against Cambridge

The Northview varsity boys had a less-than-ideal outing against Cambridge on December 5, falling 84-48. One positive that the Titans were able to take away from the game was the performance of sophomore shooting guard Matt Davis, who was the leading scorer with a total of 18 points. The Titans started off neck and neck with Cambridge, capitalizing on the fact that the Bears may have underestimated Northview and started slow. When the second quarter came, Cambridge began to show their actual potential. As time went by, Northview had to continue to battle hard to keep the game within reach. In the second half, the Titans began to lose steam, players playing more selfishly, taking contested shots, and wasting time. This allowed the Bears to pull away and led to the ultimate defeat. A new player, Norcross transfer and senior guard Justin James, scored seven points in some of his first action since joining the Titan squad. James blended well with the boys and brought a lot of talent to the team without playing selfishly. There is plenty of potential in this team that was shown in flashes against Cambridge. It is all about the confidence and commitment. The Northview boys are 0-4 in the 7AAAAAA region. If they can pick up the slack after these losses, they can work to make something of their season and compete for a playoff berth.