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Cross Country Season Recap

Coaches Josh Jordan, Anthony Cianciola, and Stephanie Rogman ran a good race in the world of leading and instructing for this years cross country season, taking the team all the way to state just like last year and fighting to the finish. They experienced continued success thanks to a diligent, relentless work ethic. The Titans should remain proud of their record-breaking runner senior Michael Smith. He consistently performed as one of the top runners in the state.

“Cross country helps me free my mind. It’s hard for me not to do my best,” Smith said.

This is the attitude that all the runners have. They have a passion for the sport and a natural drive to succeed. Failure is simply not an option.

“It’s the mindset to succeed in what we do,” senior Tristan Cozier said.

On the girls side of the program, there was a clear leader in senior Sarika Temme-Bapat. She led in practice and it translated onto the official track as Temme-Bapat enjoyed repeated success throughout the season.

“Sarika [Temme-Bapat] is a beast,” senior Gabe Mendez said.

That’s exactly what she is and she carried the weight of girls varsity on her back. As a whole, the Titans had a great season, letting nothing hold them back. They were competitive in every event and worked extremely hard week in and week out to improve and produce the best results possible.