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Football Season Recap

The Northview Titans had a tough but enjoyable 2017 football season. The team created better bonds, saw individuals step up as leaders, and continued to learn skills to further their football journeys. The players and returning coaches created a positive and trusting relationship with the new Head Coach James Thomson.

“I believe that the relationship we had before Coach Thomson came is even better now that he is here. They will keep building on that relationship and make it feel even more like a family. They will do that by working hard and actually learning so that will build the cohesiveness of the team,” Assistant Coach Ryan Buchanan said.

He said it all. The relationship the players have built with each other will be everlasting. The seniors will be missed, and Northview football will always have a special place in their hearts. The coaches have created more trust with each player so they can do well in life and on the field.

One of Northview’s wide receivers junior Mac Bolton has been with the team for a while. He leaves a great impact on the players. The younger ones follow him like a leader. He always has a positive mindset and never makes anyone feel discouraged.

“I feel very satisfied with the effort and uplifting spirit I bring to the team. The team should feel satisfied too because of all the summer work we put in. I feel like the sophomores and freshmen have someone else to look up to,” Bolton said.

Junior William Caylor is one of Northview’s running backs who creates a young, fiery offensive duo with Bolton. After Coach Thomson’s first season, the boys want him to never leave. He helps the boys on and off the field to know the plays, stay focused, and stay balanced. He has really left a mark on them and it seems they really trust him. They enjoy the relationship, talks, and fun times they have week in and week out.

“This year we learned a lot more from Coach Thomson compared to last year. The help he brought will help us for next season,” Caylor said.

Every team has strengths and weaknesses. Northview in general seems to have one primary, powerful strength which is never giving up. Every student and teacher in the building shows that character. Northview’s football team shows a great amount of perseverance on the field. They may have struggled to earn wins, but the players always got right back up on their feet and put their game faces back on.

“The strength about our program is that the boys never gave up. They never felt that they were defeated, and that they gave everything they had,” Buchanan said.

Injuries always get in the way of sports. If one really loves what they do they will do everything they can to get healthier and be able to get back to the field, court, etc. The Titan football family has been through plenty of injuries and none of them have given up. They fight for what they wanted. Caylor has had many concussions but he does not let that bring him down or stop him from playing. Other players such as Farid Nana-Yeboah and McKay Seibold have both torn their ACLs and gotten right back on the field to go to war once cleared.

“You cannot let injuries get in the way of doing what you love,” Caylor said.

Not only does Northview as a school stay positive, work hard, and never give up, but so do their football players. The season was a little rough but they will leave it in the past and move on. The boys will start to train in offseason conditioning in December so they can be prepared for next season. The coaches and players loved the hype the student section and parents gave off in the stands, and the students and parents loved the passion the players and coaches competed with each week. Everyone cannot wait for it all to happen all over again in the 2018 season.