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Titan Football Wraps Up Against Pope

On Friday evening, November 3, the Northview Titans (2-8, 2-6 Region 6-AAAAAA) brought their season to an end against the Pope Greyhounds (4-6,4-4 Region 6-AAAAAA) and lost 47-22. In the first half, the Titans had momentum and were able to respond almost immediately to the Greyhound touchdowns. But during the second half, the Titans began to tire out and allow the Greyhounds many more opportunities to score. The Titans were not able to make it to the playoffs, marking the second season in row without a postseason appearance.

Northview senior quarterback Colton McDaniel completed 20 of 34 passes for three touchdowns and no interceptions. Pope quarterback Jackson Thain completed two of five attempted passes with one interception and no touchdowns. Where Pope really had an advantage on the Titans was in the run game. The Titans only had 73 rushing yards between two players and no touchdowns, while Pope had 511 rushing yards between four players, three which totaled over 100. The offensive line also had issues keeping back the Hounds, allowing four sacks in the game. This of course gives the Titans something to work on in the off season to have down by next season.

Despite what the score said, the game still had a lot of meaning to the Titans. Sure it was just the end of another season, but it was also the end of high school football for many of the Titans. The seniors of the 2017 football team have endured a lot throughout their time. They have lost many teammates seeking better college offer opportunities to private schools and more competitive schools, had a head coach step down, and had to learn a new head coach’s style.

“It is sad of course it has to end like this,” senior Peter Irwin said, “but it was fun while it lasted. I didn’t see the field this year due to my arm, but i still knew how important this all was. Sure we did not win our last game, but we’ll at least have the memories.”

At the end of the game, the Titans were given a proper send off. The fans that traveled to see them play their last game gave them a standing ovation, and soon so did the other side of the stands for every graduating player. Although it was sad to end in a loss for Northview, there was some inspiring sportsmanship on both sides of the field that allowed everyone to enjoy the big picture beauty of the moment.