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Cross Country Recap: State Championships

Northview faced region 6A’s 36 top teams of cross country runners in Carrollton, GA for the 2017 State Championships this past Saturday, November 4. With the desire to be in the top four, the Titans started off fast with record-breaking senior Michael Smith in the lead. Early in the race, a runner from another team tripped in front of senior varsity runner Paul Graham, which caused him to fall. It was a domino effect from there and the next three lead runners for Northview fell as well. Senior Gabe Mendez and sophomores Tyler Cato and Alex Byman began to tumble down on top of each other. This mishap put them way behind their expectations of top four. Smith now had the pressure of the Titans’ victory on his back. He advanced quickly, but it came at the cost of losing consciousness. He began to feel light-headed and started to stumble short of the finish line. Eventually, he passed the finish line walking. Smith dropped from fifth to 37th place.

“The boys tried to make up the ground as fast as they could, but by doing that some of them gassed out. Others still managed to keep the pace.” Coach Josh Jordan said.

This concluded in the Titans coming 12th place out 36 teams.

“We were all upset because it was a very unfortunate series of events,” Mendez said.

Titans are known to persevere even when things get really difficult and that’s why the Titan family should be immensely proud of Northview’s strong runners and their season efforts.