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Football Preview: Pope

On Friday, November 3, the Northview Titans (2-7, 2-5 7-AAAAAA) will face off against the Pope Greyhounds (3-6, 3-4 7-AAAAAA) in an attempt to earn a win in their last game of the season. They may have not won every game this season, but their hard work, determination, and skills will pay off long-term. The Titan team plans to leave a memorable mark for the 2017 seniors. The goal is to work on and eliminate the mistakes and obstacles for the upcoming season.

“We will improve on tackles and receptions as a team so we can win on Friday,” junior receiver and defensive back Christian Watson said.

Watson is Northview’s versatile playmaker who brings a lot of effort to the team on both sides of the ball. He loves to encourage the team to work seriously on tackles, get the play down, and stack points on the scoreboard. He hopes that improvement this last week can translate through next season.

“This last game means the most to us. Even though we didn’t make it to the playoffs, we created better bonds with each other and now know what to really focus on during spring season. We also hope to make this the biggest game before the seniors leave,” junior receiver and safety Shak Mullings said.

Mullings brings energetic laughter to the team and keeps everyone motivated even if they suffer a loss. He knows they will train to develop better endurance, technique, and tackles as a team and as individuals. He and the rest of the team plan to amaze fans with a win this week.

Davon Benjamin is a defensive end and fullback. He contributes to the team with a positive, prideful attitude on and off the field. He may sometimes think negatively, but before he steps onto the field for practice at the beginning of each week, Benjamin really thinks to himself about the bigger picture and keeps that in the front of mind for the rest of the week. He and the upcoming seniors try to be role models for the sophomores and freshmen.

“I like to be prideful and energetic and keep a positive attitude when I am around the team and people who talk to me about football. Setting a great image for the younger boys is very important to me,” Benjamin said.

As Head Coach Thomson and the rest of the coaching squad continue to teach the boys to become better players, they will continue to fight through this week for Friday’s game. They encourage the boys to have an enthusiastic attitude when they step onto the field. Once it’s game time they will inspire Titan spirit throughout the team and crowd. He hopes everyone comes out in large numbers to support the Northview Titans last home game for the 2017 season.