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Feature: Zach Clowe

Zach Clowe, a senior wide receiver for the Northview Titans, has had a profound impact on the offense so far this season. Ever since Clowe joined the team, he has done a magnificent job for the Titans. Clowe has been representing Northview football since he was a toddler. It is evident that he has a passion for the game like no other. He simply loves playing the game of football. Clowe has shown on multiple occasions that he is playing at the top of his game.

“[Clowe], since he’s joined the team, has done a great job for us this year getting up the field,” Head Coach James Thomson said.

The Titans have struggled winning games this season. Clowe has come out and shown that he will give it his all even when the team is counted out. His never-quit attitude comes into play and takes over. He believes Northview will finish the season strong this year. The Titans have shown that they are capable of winning with the talent they have. Clowe’s contributions to the team have led to some success, helping the squad earn a couple wins.

“Clowe is an exciting player. His ability to get up the field is not only amazing but inspiring. His success is such a motivation swing,” senior running back Farid Nana-Yeboah said.

The growth of Clowe’s game has been noticed by everyone on the team and it is clear he is still getting better every day.

“[Clowe] is always focused. He is one of the most skilled receivers on our team and he has a lot of finesse in his game,” junior running back and defensive back Jonathan Baker said.

His Titan teammates all agree that Clowe is definitely one of the top receivers on the team. Clowe’s experience on the field seems to be a strong reason for why he is doing such a great job. Being a senior on the team, Clowe tries to be a leader for the young players on the team. He tries to motivate his team even if they are losing the game. This being Clowe’s last year, he has the goal of leaving his personal mark on the team.

“[Clowe] has been amazing through these past couple of weeks. He is one special guy. His ability to gain so many yards every Friday night is amazing and unreal,” senior Tyler Tolnai said.

The Titans are working to better their end-of-game results through practice and through the breakdown of film. In their upcoming region game, Northview will have an opportunity to come out and show what they have been working on throughout the week and gain their third win of the season against Chattahoochee.

Clowe joined the team late and missed a couple games. Clowe started off slow, only having 3 yards against the Alpharetta Raiders, but it was nothing but uphill from there for Clowe. He showed up and showed out, racking up 120 yards against the Johns Creek Gladiators. In just three games, Clowe racked up a total of 299 receiving yards. He has had three games where he recorded 100-plus receiving yards. Clowe has 546 receiving yards and averages 16 yards per reception on the season.

¨I have been playing alongside Clowe since middle school and he’s playing phenomenally,” senior receiver David Diamond said.

Senior quarterback Colton McDaniel and Clowe have done a great job connecting with each other down the field. These deep shots down the field keep the game exciting and change the mood of the game. Clowe’s ability to consistently catch the ball is a such a key factor for the Titans.

“He is definitely gonna finish with a great season, and I hope he continues to play this well each game,” Thomson said.

It is evident to all his teammates that Clowe is one of the most humble and hardworking guys on the team. Opponents better watch film and not take him lightly or Clowe will run up and down the field without hesitation. He is a strong force for the Titans. Clowe hopes to continue to do a fantastic job and finish off the season with a bang.