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Titan Football Takes Down North Atlanta

The mighty Titans had a cold win on Friday, October 20, by a score of 28-3. This is just the second win of 2017 for Northview as regular season play is coming to an end. The Titans were up just 9-3 at halftime, but pulled away with 13 fourth quarter points. Senior quarterback Colton McDaniel recorded 241 yards and two touchdowns, going 19-30 on pass attempts. Senior running back, cornerback, and return man Farid Nana-Yeboah rushed for 75 yards and a touchdown on 17 carries.

“We started off slow but got the jist of things in the second half of the game,” Assistant Coach Gary McCoy said.

North Atlanta’s Warriors showed strength in one area against Northview. They showed no mercy regarding the aggression with which they played. The only thing that North Atlanta knew how to do better than the Titans was be aggressive, but it was to the point of recklessness. It was clear that Grady stadium was the Warrior’s territory. This turned out to be more of a blessing than a curse for the Titans with all the flags being called against the Warriors. It worked heavily in favor of Northview but also wore them out. Northview took advantage of every open opportunity given to them in this game. Other times, the Titans found success even if it wasn’t clearly there for the taking. They took risks. This energy is what led them to the win, but some players still wanted more from their performance.

“We needed to execute better because we waited to the third quarter to use all of our strength. We had a lot of mistakes,” Nana-Yeboah said.

Luckily, because this was a little bit of a weaker team with some hurt players, the fatigue and lapses in effort didn’t catch up to Northview and do as much harm.

“Nana-Yeboah continued to run the ball and make big plays,” senior receiver Zach Clowe said. “He carries a lot of the weight of the team. We all have his back,” junior receiver Christian Watson said.

Nothing is more uplifting than knowing your coaches have just as much passion as you in the game. This was the main key to the win this week. The Titan players did not allow fairly empty stands due to great distance from home to discourage them and hinder their efforts. Instead, they focused on the guys next to them on the field and what a win would mean for themselves and their coaches.

Head Coach James Thomson continued to encourage the boys with one quote, over and over again, that stuck with them.

“It isn’t them beating us. We are beating ourselves,” Thomson said.

Throughout the game, Thomson referred to the boys as “we” not “y’all” with his diction, reminding the boys that they are a team that he is all in no matter how mistakes are made. He’s there to make them better and that’s what he did and is continuing to do throughout this season. Each coach has full trust and love for the players.

“They just need to believe in themselves no matter what and make sure their effort lines up with their mindset,” McCoy said.

Northview will host the Chattahoochee Cougars (6-2, 5-1 Region 7-AAAAAA) next week in the last regular season bout of the year. The Titans are hanging on to slim playoff chances.