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Feature: Christian Watson

“Number 4, Christian Watson for the touchdown,” is heard often at Friday football games. Watson is an amazing athlete and is one of the key players on the Northview Football team. Watson plays both sides of the ball, which means he often has to fight wear and tear during the games.

“Fatigue is one of the biggest things we have to face during the season,” Head Coach James Thomson said.

Clearly, Watson must be a strong-minded player in order to play on both sides each game. Last year, Watson arrived at Northview as a sophomore and enjoyed some playing time with varsity. Now, he is getting tons of playing time as a starter. Watson will graduate with the class of 2019, meaning he has one more season after this one to have a potential breakout year. He plays a huge role on the offensive side as a wide receiver and is one of the most targeted receivers along with junior receiver Mac Bolton. But currently Bolton is injured, which means Watson really has to step up.

“Christian has a really good work and ethic. He works hard and shows up to every workout,” junior guard and defensive tackle Davon Benjamin said.

Benjamin and Watson have been teammates for two years now.

“I’ve noticed that over these two years, Christian has become more aggressive and intelligent on the field,” Benjamin said.

These are the characteristics that you look for in a good football player. You want them to be smart, poised, and aggressive on the field. Players like Watson help you win games. It’s obvious that he has been working hard, recording multiple touchdowns this season and racking up hundreds of yards. His hard work is paying off.

Other than being a good receiver, Watson is also a solid defender. As a sophomore, he played defense as a corner and safety and did a great job. This year he returns to the same position and he is dominating even more than before. Quarterbacks rarely target his side because they know it could end poorly. Watson is considered to be a lock-down defender because he is really aggressive and has good agility.

He is a favorite of his teammates in the locker room and his classmates in school.

“I have been teammates with Christian since 4th grade. He’s a quiet person around people that he doesn’t know, but around us he is very outgoing,” junior Shak Mullings said.

People must love being around Watson because off the field he is a good guy. He is very social and loves to crack jokes.

“Hands down, Christian is one of the top five funniest guys on the team,” Mullings said.

Watson is not all football. He loves to hang out with his friends and loves to be with family. He is a high quality guy that should be watched closely this season. He is bound to do big things. Watson also has all the tools to be one the best players on the Northview football team and he has the potential to play at the next level if he continues his great work ethic. Colleges would love to have them on their campus. He is an overall great athlete and the most important, he’s an overall great person. Christian Watson: don’t forget the name.