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Volleyball Secures First Victory of 2017 Season

The Northview Titans (1-18, 0-6 Region 7-AAAAAA) won their battle against the Pinecrest Paladins (5-19, 0-7 Region 6-A) Thursday night, September 21, 3-2, earning their first victory of the season.

After falling to 2-0 in the first two sets, the Titans rallied on their Senior Night and fought their way back into the match. With their backs against the wall, they battled and powered through the exhaustion from the week’s prior games.

“Going into the game, I feel quite a few people were already mentally and physically exhausted. However, I was excited to see that everyone had arrived very motivated and pumped up to go win the match,” senior Ananda Thomas said.

A special aspect of the match was that it was best of five. Normally, the matchups are best of three sets. If last night’s game were a normal match, they would have lost 2-0. However, it was in fact a 5 set match, allowing the Titans to make their memorable comeback.

To begin the third set, the Titans went up 4-0. They scored quickly and used this momentum to spark their valiant comeback. They went back and forth in that set until later when tension begun to grow. Head Coach Chris James was getting agitated by a referee and fired back in defense of one of his players, making a testament to his dedication to his team.

This burst of passion and energy helped surge the Titans to the top.

Now trailing 2-1, the Titans took the fight to the Paladins in the fourth set. They won that set easily with the help of senior Kyndal Dickey, who racked up a majority of the points.

“It was really a team effort in that set. I would not have scored as much as I did without the other girls on the court with me,” Dickey said.

In the fifth and final set, the Titans and the Paladins went back and forth in an intense battle. In fitting fashion, Kyndal Dickey struck once again with the kill that ended the fifth set and put the Titans back on top.

“The thing all the players worry about is being the one that screws it all up for everyone. The way I want the players to look at it is being the one that saves the game for everyone, that wins the game for everyone,” James said.

This was the first home win of the season for the Titans. The game was one worth the price of admission. The first win being a comeback win on senior night had the gym full of excitement and energy for the Titans and their program.