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Softball Faces Defending Champs

Yesterday evening, Tuesday, August 29, Northview Titan Softball (0-5, 0-5 Region 6-AAAAAA) fell to the Cambridge Bears (6-5, 6-0 Region 6-AAAAAA) by a score of 16-2. The Lady Bears are the defending state champions, so Northview knew they were in for a tough battle beforehand. The Titans were able to score two runs with RBI’s from sophomore pitcher Madison Brown and sophomore third baseman Camryn Garland. Unfortunately for Northview, the scoreline corresponded to the uneven matchup on paper. Cambridge had their way in this contest, scoring 16 runs and totaling four home runs. The Lady Titans are focused on moving forward and not worrying about the scoreboard or their record.

“I knew going into this game it was going to be tough, but as a team we needed to focus on not giving up and working on individual goals and team goals and not focusing on the score,” senior shortstop Sophia Hamill said.  

Going into this game, The Lady Titans had not been able to truly practice or play on their home field due to a leak in a water pipe until Monday, August 28. It was especially inconvenient for them not to be able to practice defense, reading bouncing and rolling balls and tracking fly balls. This limitation definitely affected Northview and their general sharpness in the previous games. Despite this, the Titans showed promise and had some good plays against Cambridge including a diving catch at third for Garland. They did not make as many mistakes as the previous games and are trying to continue to improve defensively. The Lady Titans had seven hits in total, benefitting from sophomore Savannah McDaniel going 2-3 with a double and single and senior second baseman Rui Fujinaga also going 2-3 with two singles. Northview really has to work on scoring runners when they are in scoring position, having left ten players on base in total.

“We made some really good improvements from the last game defensively, but we just need to be able to score runners when they are in scoring position,” Head Coach Evan Baker said.

Now that the Titans can get back to their usual practice and game routines, they can start to fix their mistakes that they have made defensively and offensively. Playing back to back is always hard on the players, but now it is especially difficult since they only have one available pitcher with Alyssa DiSano out with a wrist injury. That leaves Madison Brown pitching in every game. Brown has done well to fight any fatigue she may be facing and push herself pitch after pitch.

“With Alyssa being out it puts a lot of pressure on me to step up and pitch every game, but I always try my hardest because I know the team always has my back,” Brown said.   

The Lady Titans will play away on Wednesday, August 30, against North Atlanta, hoping to comeback from this tough loss and continue the fight for their first victory.