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Feature: Mac Bolton

Mac Bolton is a three-year wide receiver at Northview High School. Before landing a key spot on the Northview Titans, he played little league football with the Sharon Springs War Eagles in elementary school and with the Tiny Titans in middle school. In other words, football has been in Bolton´s blood since he was a little kid.  It should go without saying that Bolton loves playing football and would be grateful for an opportunity to play in college, but even if he does not he will still enjoy the sport for the rest of his life.

“Mac is a really good player, a hard worker, and someone who goes both ways [plays defense and offense], which is very hard to do when one plays football. It is not like other sports so for him to do that he battles like a warrior,” Head Coach James Thomson praised recently.

Thomson is in his first year coaching at Northview, so it has been a challenge to get to know all the players and see where they stand in a very short period of time. He believes Northview will dominate the division this year with all the great players and their talent alongside his coaching. One aspect contributing to Titan success is the bond that the players share and the respect they have for one another.

“Bolton is a leader that can control things and really bring a strong presence to the offense,” senior offensive lineman Tyler Tolnai said.

The praise from everyone who works with Bolton is seemingly endless.

“He never slacks off at practice, and he is by far one of the best receivers we have,” junior running back and strong safety Will Caylor said.

Both Caylor and Tolnai play offense with Bolton so they have the opportunity to develop a strong connection with him. There seems to be a true bond between these three players formed from battling alongside each other on the field for years.

“When the team huddles, [Bolton] always has an uplifting spirit. He will high-five us all which brings us confidence to do well on the next play. He is one of the few guys that seems to be completely unaffected by the game. He keeps his game face on even if the other team is winning or any other complications occur,” Tolnai said.

It seems the Titan Football program will enjoy better results with all the new-found confidence throughout the team. For the upcoming game against Winder-Barrow on September 1, Northview will have an opportunity to showcase their brotherhood and talent as they fight for their first win.

“[Bolton] impacts the team by always bringing a positive vibe and keeping everyone upbeat,” Caylor said

Bolton has missed one opportunity to start in high school with a fractured finger, but he has more than made up for that injury in his performances that followed. In just three games, Bolton has racked up a total of 195 receiving yards, averaging 65 receiving yards per game and totaling 2 receiving touchdowns. He plans to dramatically improve these numbers over the season.

¨I have been playing with him since second grade. I love being able to play with him. No one including me has ever doubted him,” Caylor said.

Caylor and Bolton have been playing together every year since they were about seven years old. Playing with someone for that long creates a stable friendship on and off the field. The two players combine their skills and integrate their styles into the offense to set the Titan offense up for success.

“He is definitely bound to have a great junior season, and I hope he continues to be the great player he is,” Thomson said.

It seems the team and Thomson have a lot of confidence in Bolton this season. His positive vibe and fun sense of humor is what makes him a model Titan athlete. He has plenty of people that love his spirit and want him to succeed. Bolton is a true fighter who will leave everything on the field week in and week out, setting himself and the team up for greater success over the next two years.