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Feature: Kane Siebold

Kane Siebold is a four year wide receiver in the Titan football program. Known as “The Jet,¨ Siebold is a greatly valued part of the offense according to Coach Mark Clements. “The Jet” is well known for his great hands.

“His hands are stickier than glue,” junior wide receiver Shak Mullings said.

The first three years of his high school career, Siebold played with his identical twin, senior Mckay Siebold. Kane and Mckay had being playing football together for all of their lives. This will mark the first year that one Siebold will take the field without another.

“It’s definitely weird playing without him,” Kane said.

Mckay tore his ACL, medial meniscus, and MCL during his junior year, leading to his break this year.

“It hurts a lot watching my brother play and not being able to go to war with him,¨ Mckay said. Kane has used his brother’s struggles as motivation.

“I go all out when I’m on the field for him. When I’m out there I want to be playing for both of us,¨ Kane said.

“The Jet” is also a lovable character in the locker room.

“He’s so fun to be around. He’s always cracking jokes, but when it comes to game time, he’s as locked in as anyone,” junior wide receiver Christian Watson said.

Kane expressed how he is able to be not just a fun guy in the locker room, but a leader on the field.

“At the end of the day football is a game, but I am a competitive guy in nature, so losing is not acceptable. I like to keep the mood relaxed around the team because as important as winning is, just as important can be the bonds you make with your teammates that last a lifetime,” Kane said.

Many wonder how Kane earned the nickname “The Jet.¨ A few individuals, good friends of Kane, are able to take credit for the name. These students are brother Mckay and fellow seniors Ethan Lowenthal and Mike Trautwein.

“The man can jump. The man can run. The man can flat out ball,” senior Mike Trautwein said. The nickname was a pure work of magic according to Lowenthal. “The Jet” provides fans and parents alike with a great way to recognize Kane when he makes a play. In the Titans first game, Kane had the performance that all seniors dream to start their final season of high school football with. “The Jet” lived up to his name, hauling in six catches for 78 yards and a touchdown.

“The man was a straight beast out there Friday. He made some great catches and kept us in the game,¨ Coach Mark Clements said. “I’m proud of him. He really showed up.¨

Kane is bound to have a great senior season, and the program is excited to be able to count on a terrific player like him.

“I can’t wait to see what’s in store for him,¨ Mckay said.

It seems that Mckay speaks for the entirety of the Northview football fan base as well when he says this.

“We’re just getting started. The rest of the region is in for a surprise,¨ Kane said. “And as for myself, I guess you all will have to wait and see.¨

All bets are on Northview fans screaming for “THE JET” from the stands into October, and the Titan football family is in for a real treat when these moments come.