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Feature: Farid Nana-Yeboah

Farid Nana-Yeboah played football for the first time on Friday after missing almost a year with a torn ACL suffered during his junior year. Before this first game against Lanier, Nana-Yeboah looked back on the obstacles he had to overcome to make his big return.

“It feels good,” Nana-Yeboah said. “I worked really hard to come back as fast as I did. It was a long summer, a long process. It feels good to be back and on the field again.”  

Nana-Yeboah is also excited about having an expanded leadership role on and off the field as he can now use his senior platform to direct, mentor, and better the younger players.

“I feel like I’ve been a leader ever since I started playing varsity,” Nana-Yeboah said. “Now that I’m a senior it’s actually my job to lead the team in the right direction and make sure I do well at it.¨

Nana-Yeboah is not only eager for the next few weeks of his long-awaited return to the field, he is also extremely optimistic about the new coaching staff in place this year.

“I love our new coaching staff,” Nana-Yeboah said. “I’m just disappointed that I only get to be here for this one year. These other younger guys that have them now are really lucky because they get to have them for the next four years. It’s a really good coaching staff that is going to take us to new places.¨

As for his goals, Nana-Yeboah expressed how he wants to make the playoffs and potentially win the region, putting an emphasis on it being a team effort to ultimately turn that goal into reality in this up-and-coming season.

“I’m trying to get us back into the playoffs,¨ Nana-Yeboah said. “But I understand that it’s not just me. It’s a team sport, and hopefully my teammates feel the same way because I’m really trying to get back in the playoffs this year.¨

The Northview football program has a lot to be excited about as Nana-Yeboah and the team seem motivated and expect to make a playoff run this year. There is a lot of optimism and support surrounding the team. The players and the coaching staff are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen.