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RRR: Ladies Tennis Loses to Cambridge

The Northview Lady Titans suffered a loss to Cambridge in their tennis match on Thursday.

The team has had a rough start this year especially after hoping some of the newer freshman would raise the level of play. The lineup consisted of Suma Yarabarla (singles line one), Chloe Brown (singles line two), Cody Lu (singles line three), Aria Ragass and Sasha Timokhin (doubles line one), and Sydney Siegel and Karina Limyadi (doubles line two).

The final score of the meet was 3-2. The Titans won line two and three singles, but lost the doubles and line one singles.

“Cambridge is a really competitive team that has some good tournament players on their team. I was pleased to see that some of our girls could compete with and even beat those players. Overall as I team I think we did alright, but we just need to figure out how to secure the third match to make sure we win next time,” Brown said.

“Tonight we might not have come on top, but we will continue to work hard in our practices and focus more on our goals. I think we have made a lot of progress so far considering the season has just begun, but it can only go up from here” Cody Lu said.