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RRR: Boys Tennis vs. Cambridge (3/2/17)

The Northview Titans men’s tennis team crushed the Cambridge Bears last night by a score of 5-0. One of the most surprising aspects of this match was that Northview destroyed Cambridge with alot of second line players.

“Zach Cone and Sugeeth Kandikattu are two great players that would start at almost any other school in state,” senior Gabe Caron said. “I’m glad coach gave them an opportunity today to show off their skills.”

The first line of players compose of some of the best players in the state, so this immense talent has athletes like Cone and Kandikattu getting looked over.

“We killed it today. The other team was definitely not the strongest team we will play all year, but they still kept the game interesting,” Zack Cone said. “We stayed strong and shut them out completely.”

Mitch Perry’s match was definitely an interesting one. The Bears attempted to sandbag their lineup as a way to get an upper hand on the Titans. However, this was unsuccessful as Northview still managed to come out with the win.

“I’m looking forward to how we do the rest of this season,” Will Claussen said. “I’m confident that this team has a chance on adding another ring to our fingers.”