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Northview Baseball Tops North Forsyth Raiders

The Northview Titans baseball team played North Forsyth on Saturday, improving their record to 5-0 after beating the Raiders 8-2.

“We’re feeling good coming off of this win,” Michael Trautwein said. “North Forsyth is a really good team and they played us hard, so this was a good game for us.”

The game was off to a pretty slow start with only one run by each team until the fifth inning. The wind was howling at about 20 mph during the entire game, so the fielders had problems estimating where the ball was going, but the Titans were able to move forward and capitalize off North Forsyth’s mistakes.

“They had about five errors in the fifth inning, so I was able to get onto first and then they hit me in, and everyone else fed off that energy,” Matt Pacifico said.

Luckily for the Titans, the few mistakes that they made were minor and most likely occurred because of the intense winds. Moving forward, the Titans should be able to minimize those mistakes and are looking at a very successful season.

“There weren’t any major mistakes except for the pop-flies, but that was mostly due to the wind, so that was something they hadn’t really encountered, but it made for some interesting plays,” head coach Aaron Wilkens said.

Since the North Forsyth game, the Titans have improved their record to 7-0 and will play Duluth for the second time on Friday.