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Super Bowl

       The flip of a coin in the current overtime rules allowed the New England Patriots to have the first possession in overtime sudden death against the Atlanta Falcons – a historical comeback. The Falcons were coming in hot leading the league in points per game and with an MVP quarterback in Matt Ryan. The ended the regular season with a 11-5 record. This placed the Falcons in first place in the NFC South. The Falcons earned a first round bye in the playoffs and went on to defeat rival the Seattle Seahawks and Grean Bay Packers, beating both teams in a landslide, for the right to play in Superbowl LI. The Patriots were without there star quarterback, Tom Brady, who was serving a four game suspension, in the regular season. Nevertheless, Jimmy Garopollo, the Patriots backup quarterback played well enough for the Patriots to have a 3-1 record until Brady’s return. The Patriots made it to the playoffs with their star quarterback and coach, Belichick. The Patriots, much liked the Falcons, beat the Pittsburg Steelers and Houstan Texans in a landslide. The Falcons had the better offense and the Patriots, the better defense. The Falcons lit up the scoreboard during the first half and led 28-3 after the half. The Falcons defense also kept the Patriots offense and Tom Brady under constant pressure only allowing one field goal. If the Patriots could come back in the half and win, that would be the first time that a team lost in the Superbowl leading with 25 points.

      The Patriots managed to get three touchdowns with wide reciever Amendola and running backs Deion Lewis and James White, tying the game. The Falcons defense seemed way too confident inthis half and left recievers open for deep passes by Brady. The Falcosn offense had a chance to get a field goal before the final touchdown in regular time, but were pushed out of field goal range by a sack and a costly holding penalty. I believe the playcall was the wrong choice as the Falcons only needed one field goal and could have ran the ball to prevent a sack. The overtime rules in the NFL need to be changed to be fair for both teams. In the current overtime rules, the first team to score a touchdown wins. I believe that we should petition to change the Overtime rules in the NFL as those who win the coin toss usually end up winning the game. Football in the NFL, like other sports, should allow both teams to have possession of the ball in Overtime. In soccer, for example, the golden goal-sudden death- was changed to give both teams the ball in the beginning of two overtime quarters. Football should imitate soccer and change overtime rules because the current rules are unfair and end months of hardwork and success with the flip of a coin.