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Ring Review

The long awaited addition to the Ring Film Series turned out to be a major disappointment not only to avid Rings fans, but also to audiences just looking for a horror film to watch. Rings was released on 3 Feb, 2017; without any fanfare or goods to back it up, the movie debuted with a flop.

The goal of Rings was to provide a sufficient and previously unclear backstory to the movie’s main apparition, Samara. Samara is an icon to horror movies lovers everywhere and is recognized as a girl with long hair covering her face climbing out of a well. Unfortunately, here Samara’s role was botched and did not create the same eerie effect as she did in earlier films.

There is no clear plot of the movie, and frankly certain scenes such as the opening one were unneeded and a waste of budget money. The exposition described in the first scene is repeated later on in the film, and F. Javier Gutierrez, the director of this embarrassment to horror, would have had a much happier audience if he had left them in the dark about the cursed video.

The main characters are a pair of college freshman. One is inflicted with a horribly increased sense of compassion that spins into a journey. The point of this journey, which she hides behind the messy plot, is to increase her otherwise diminishing self-worth and feeling of importance in the world. The other character, her long distance boyfriend, has one pupose, to advance the plot to where he creates a reason for his girlfriend to get involved with Samara and the cursed video.

Scratch that. The boyfriend’s second and final purpose in the movie is to give the audience a feeling of dread as they experience the wonderful horror cliché of dramatic irony exactly two times before this character is worthless.

One of the only things this movie does right is sticks to a main character and at least attempts to follow their journey.