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The Importance of the Student Section

Ever since there have been sports, there have been people to cheer them on. The Mayans had their Ball Game and their fans to cheer them on, so did the Romans in the Colosseum. In the modern world, we have so many sports and so many teams it is hard to really root for all of them, but the one team that all people should try to back the most are high school teams.

Every student athletes’ journey really begins at the high school level, and it is where everyones’ journey into being a fan should also begin. By supporting those local teams, the community is helping to fulfill many of these athletes’ dreams. Many schools who struggle to win might see few skilled athletes come through their doors, but that shouldn’t mean that the other players on the team fail to get recognized. Often times, a school with low attendance will fly under the radar, losing out on potential scouting opportunities.

Low student section attendance can propagate a vicious cycle of mediocrity, as good players are driven away to another school with high fan involvement. These athletes attend schools that have high turn outs for games, and in return, they get more looks. So really, it is on the student body and the surrounding community for not seeing their teams succeed. Citizen’s general apathy towards local sports are the reason athletics are becoming less and less valued within a community. There used to be a time in this country when almost entire communities revolved around Friday nights; now, you can find most students at home watching TV or playing video games instead of supporting their teams.

A team relies on their fans for support during thick and thin, but when people do not come because they may not be playing well, it sends a message of doubt to the teams. It tells the players that it is OK to not try and get better; they begin to develop a “who cares?” attitude towards losing. The fans then get mad at the teams for not winning, which further decreases attendance. In conclusion, to see a team or even a player achieve greatness and a boost to the next level, the level of support needs to start increasing again, people need to start caring about their high school teams again, and the entire school and community can reap benefits from the success that they support.