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Indianapolis Trip

Northview students on the staff of the Northview Messenger, the school’s news magazine, had the opportunity to attend the NSPA/JEA Semi-Annual Convention from Nov. 10 to Nov. 13. A total of eighteen students attended, along with teachers Chris Yarbrough and Aaron Wilkens. The three day convention held within the convention center of Indianapolis’ J.W. Marriott  was open to students across the country that were involved in their schools’ yearbook or journalism programs.

During the first part of the convention, students were able to visit booths set up by various colleges and organizations specializing in different areas of communications and yearbook. There, they picked up souvenirs such as pins and pencils designed with college colors and mottos.

“My favorite booth at the convention was the Indiana University booth, because they have a great journalism program and it’s my dream school,” Junior Evan Moody said.

Majority of Friday and Saturday was spent at convention seminars that ran from morning to early afternoon. These sessions were conveniently held within the lower levels of the J.W Marriott. Topics ranged from photography to photoshop tips to interview techniques and design ideas. Sessions were led by experienced and qualified volunteers, some of which came from the schools attending the convention. Yarbrough, who teaches Journalism at Northview, led a Sports Journalism focused presentation.

“Color Correcting in Photoshop was really helpful for photos that are too yellow or too blue,” Sophomore Justine Ulrich said.

The main event of the Convention was the award ceremony on Saturday night, when four of the Messenger staffers were up for five awards. Each of these students had their work from the previous year submitted and carefully reviewed before the placement selections were decided. Sophomore Amanda Beard, news editor of the Messenger, won second place in Story of the Year from Features. Maggie Brennan, an editor in chief, won fourth place for the Sports Story of the Year. Sophomore and features editor Nithya Mahakala placed tenth in Diversity Story of the Year. Editor in Chief Tarun Ramesh, who was up for two awards, won eighth place in Design of the Year and seventh in Design of the Year for Infographics.

“My favorite part were the discussions that took place between our and other publications. In seminars we were always learning new things,” Sophomore Morgan White said.

The NSPA/JEA Convention was a unique learning experience, exposing them toeducators and peers in journalism from highschools across the country.