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Monica Wilson

Monica Wilson joined Northview’s foreign language department this year. Her teaching journey began in her late high school years, when she and a group of fellow students and teachers volunteered at a local middle school.  There, Wilson taught many students who were new to the Spanish language. The most rewarding experience for Wilson was watching young students make their first advances in learning the foreign subject.

“I loved that they knew how to say things that I had taught them,” Wilson said. From then on, she knew she had to become a teacher.

“Teaching became my passion,” Wilson said.

Wilson has extensive experience teaching foreign language. Before arriving to Northview, she taught Spanish at Old Milton High School for 12 years. She says if she was not teaching this subject, she’d be teaching art or psychology. She and her husband began looking to move houses early this summer; she made the decision to transfer to Northview as she already knew some of the fellow Spanish teachers. From whom she heard great things about our school and decided she could contribute to the community here. Wilson studied at several different colleges before graduating at Kennesaw State University. While she was in college, she already knew she wanted to become a teacher. Wilson has been around the Spanish language all her life. From a very young age, Wilson was introduced to the culture as well. She loves all aspects of the Spanish language and culture, and continues to practice Latin American traditions. Both of her parents spoke Spanish fluently; her mother was Columbian. At home, she picked up words from her family, but was in her high school Spanish class where she learned to read and write the language. Coming to Northview has made the location change for Wilson and her family easier. The community: the staff and students, have all been loving and welcoming.

“I look forward to learning more about the school and my students,” Wilson said.  Beginning the school year at Northview has been a positive change for her and her family.