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Radhika Godbole

Madame Radhika Godbole is the accordion playing, culinary loving new French teacher at Northview. Although she seems to be a jack of all trades, her passion is teaching. Growing up as the daughter of a math teacher, Godbole saw many of the positive interactions between her mother and her mother’s students which sparked her interest in teaching.

“I saw my mother still communicating with her students, years after, when they had gotten married and had kids, and wanted to experience that feeling too,” Godbole said.

Godbole received her bachelor’s degree in India, majoring in French, and earned her master’s degree at the Northern Illinois University. She soon got married after doing her bachelors, and moved out to the US and lived in the Midwest for a couple of years. Godbole began teaching in her adult life, and has spent close to 7 years teaching in Gwinnett County. Godbole lives within the Northview cluster, so this year, when the opportunity to teach closer to her own community presented itself, she took it.

“I wanted to teach near my community,so when I got the opportunity I was very happy,” Godbole said.

She has two kids, one of whom is a Northview alumni and the other who currently attends Northview. In her free time, Godbole enjoys gardening, reading, and researching education blogs.

 Godbole also supports numerous clubs and charities.

“Relay For Life’ is an organization and event that supports cancer research and is something that is very close to my heart, since I have lost a few family members to cancer,” Godbole said.

 Although this is Godbole’s first year teaching at Northview, she is already well aware of the issues that face students at the school. While Godbole recognises competition as a culprit behind the chronic stress that plagues Northview, she also believes competition can challenge students to expand their horizons.

Hopefully students become more balanced, and I can help them with that,”  Godbole said.

She is also very enthusiastic to be here at Northview, and is excited for what lays ahead. After interviewing, Aanya Poudel, a student of Godbole I figured that her students are also very excited and enthusiastic about this year.

“Madame Godbole makes learning French so fun, but we still learn a lot. We do all sorts of games which help with our vocab skills,” Poudel said.

Most of the activities done in the French class, are entertaining yet challenging learning games. The class is a calm ad comfortable learning environment. 

“Our class is really chill, and Madame Godbole transitions between French and English which helps us. My previous French teachers didn’t really do that, which made their class really difficult,” Poudel said.