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Young and Talented: Sarah Peterson

The Northview Lady Titan volleyball team is home to sophomore Sarah Peterson. Last year, she was the only freshman that made the varsity squad. This year, she is one of the youngest players on the volleyball team and has been a pivotal piece.

“Sarah is a great athlete, but I think that one of the best qualities she has is that she does not use the excuse that she is young,” said head coach Christopher James. “She always practices just as hard as she plays and helps push the team to new levels of success even though she is one of the youngest players on the team. She plays up to the competition and surpasses expectations.”

Although this season has not yielded as much success as the Titans had hoped, Peterson has been a key player in keeping the Titans competitive.

“Right from the start everyone knew she had skills. She was disciplined and had a great work ethic. In a recent game she rolled her ankle in the first set and told the trainer to just wrap it up because we had another game on that day,” junior Ananda Thomas said. “Throughout the game she played just as hard as anyone if not harder. She fought through the pain when diving rolling and getting stepped on. It is definitely a pleasure to everyone to have her around and we are lucky she is on our side of the net.”

Determination and drive is often something that sets apart the professionals from the hobbyists. Working through an injury or continuing to push during a down season are examples of facets that differentiate the elite athletes.

“Whenever we begin to get down or lose hope, she is always there making attempts to pick us back up and get us some momentum. She finds a way to get us back in the game or keep us ahead of the game, that is what winners do. Therefor the team and I see her as a natural winner,” Thomas said.

Peterson plays with a winning attitude and that attitude carries over into her schoolwork. She works extremely hard on and off the court, which not many athletes can pull off. The ability to divide time up to make sure that she stays on top of things in the classroom is a valuable asset.

“Some players out there just want it for themselves, and I feel that I disagree. I do not want to win for myself; I want to win for the other girls out there with me. They all practice and sweat just like I do,” Peterson said. “We all share the same desire to win. That is why we play, to win and have fun doing it together. Losing is not the end of the world because at least it will be with the same girls I have been with all year long.”

A big part of volleyball is trust. There must be a common trust between the girls on the court. For there to be success, they all have to be on the same page and work in unison with each other to attain their common goal of victory. They also have to be accountable, if one player messes up, they could lose the point. More times than not, it can be the small mistakes here and there that can change the course of the match.

“Volleyball is a place where I can let all of my issues go and have a lot of fun. Volleyball is also the reason i have a lot of the friends I have today. It is way more to me than just a sport. My biggest motivation is my team because I do not want to let them down. Therefor I push myself to be better and more supportive, because I know they do the same for me,” Peterson said.

Peterson alongside the rest of her team is proud of what they have accomplished so far. However, they are still hoping that they are able to make a strong final push for victory in the coming weeks.