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Student of the Week: Sanjeev Kumar


Despite it being his first year as a high school student, Sanjeev Kumar hasn’t let his freshman status stop him from getting involved at Northview. In the first couple weeks of school, Kumar won the election for freshman class president. He already has big plans for the freshman class and is determined to make a good impression with his position.

“As class president, I’m trying to put our class out there. Trying to make us unique, trying to get the full experience for all the high school students,” Kumar said.

Kumar strides to take part during class time too. He’s often found sharing ideas and thoughts in class and asking inquisitive questions. Kumar enjoys his biology class the most, solely based on the open atmosphere provided by Ms. Tucker.

“The class is very open, so it’s easier for me to learn more from different ideas from other people,” Kumar said. “Not only do we learn a lot, but it’s easier for me to ask questions and be more open with the teacher because I don’t feel that constriction of not being able to ask.”

After school, Kumar can be found attending one club or another. He firmly believes clubs are vital and essential for students. He plans on doing Beta Club, Debate, Kaleidoscope Club, CRY and HOSA this year.

“Northview offers many different clubs that can go towards different students,” Kumar said. “And you won’t be judged by the kind of clubs that you’re doing here.”

Through it all, Kumar still has time for one of his biggest hobbies: Boy Scouts.

“In my opinion, scouting has really helped me get the leadership I have,” he said.

In only a couple weeks of school, Kumar has gotten involved in every aspect of Northview. He plans to fit into a definition of excelling by the end of his four year journey in Northview.

“I believe the students here have the extra drive in them,” Kumar said. “They push themselves to go the extra mile and force themselves to do what they normally wouldn’t do. Someday, I hope I’ll have that same passion.”.”